School Health Services

Developing the Whole Child

School Health Services play an important role in educating the “whole child”, which includes academic, emotional, spiritual, and physical development. School nurses work with the school staff to facilitate positive student responses to normal development and promote health and safety.

Health education is a crucial part of promoting student and staff wellness. In addition, Student Health Services promote parent and community involvement in assuring healthy students and a healthy school environment. Nurses intervene with actual and potential health problems by assessing injuries and illnesses. They will also administer medications, maintain health and immunization records, and screen for health factors impacting student education.

School Health Services plays an active role collaborating with staff, families, and special educators in developing care team plans for students with disabilities and/or health conditions that interfere with learning.

Judy Kupferle, RN, MSN, leads the school nurses as the School Health Services Consultant and can be contacted at (314) 268-1231 or via email.