Christian Special Education Services

Working to strengthen the potential and purpose of each student

General Service Information

Lutheran Association for Special Education currently provides special education and related services to nearly 200 students, including special education resource support and speech and language therapy for students with mild disabilities.  Other educational resources instead of LASE are suggested for students with significant disabilities or students that need support from a para-professional.

Over the years, thousands of children’s lives have been impacted by the ministry of LASE.

If you would like more information about our services or wish to talk about how we might meet the needs of your child, please call the LASE office at 314-268-1234.

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Resource Services

Students with mild disabilities and special learning needs who require ongoing assistance in specific subjects may attend a Resource Room within a Lutheran school. The special education teacher provides individualized instruction using appropriate resources and materials to stimulate interest and assure success. In this way, students with special learning needs receive an individualized academic program while enjoying the benefits of learning with their peers in the general education classroom for a majority of each day.

An application for scholarships for special education tuition (Resource Room and speech/language therapy) is available through the joint Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA)/LASE scholarship application form.

LASE Parent Brochure

Speech & Language Therapy Services

Speech and language services are provided by licensed speech and language pathologists. Following screening and evaluation, an individualized program is designed by the speech pathologist to meet the specific needs of each child.

Some of the areas addressed by the speech pathologist include speech production, voice, fluency, language processing or comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, social language, and phonological awareness for reading and spelling.

The speech pathologist works closely with the general education teacher, the resource teacher if indicated, and the parents so that the therapy program may be reinforced in the classroom and at home.

Educational Consultant Services

If students exhibit mild learning problems, an Educational Resource Consultant from LASE can work jointly with students, parents, and the classroom teacher to plan appropriate strategies or interventions for academic success within the classroom.

In this way, students receives the special attention they need, along with the benefits of full inclusion with their typically developing peers.

The LASE Learning Center

The LASE Learning Center (formerly known as the Jeremiah Program) provides support for high school students with various mild to moderate educational disabilities. It is designed to provide academic support, individualized instruction, and a modified curriculum when needed. The Learning Center combines inclusion in general education classrooms with small group instruction in a resource setting.

Students have several options to meet their individual academic needs. Some students participate in career education and a work experience program to train for a successful transition from school to work during their junior and senior years. Other students will continue to take academic courses with support through the Learning Center during their entire high school experience.

Students receive small group and individualized instruction in Communication Arts and Math in the LASE Learning Center. They are included with general education students for the rest of their courses, which can be modified according to student needs. Students typically receive a small group supervised resource study hall as well.

The LASE Learning Center is located at Lutheran High School of St. Charles County, 5100 Mexico Rd. in St. Peters, MO.

For more information, please contact:

LASE Office at 314-268-1234

Sue Klobnak, LASE Learning Specialist at Lutheran High St. Charles 636­-928-­5100

Learning Center Brochure

School Health Services

School Health Services play an important role in educating the “whole child”, which includes academic, emotional, spiritual, and physical development. School nurses work with the school staff to facilitate positive student responses to normal development and promote health and safety.

Health education is a crucial part of promoting student and staff wellness. In addition, Student Health Services promote parent and community involvement in assuring healthy students and a healthy school environment. Nurses intervene with actual and potential health problems by assessing injuries and illnesses. They will also administer medications, maintain health and immunization records, and screen for health factors impacting student education.

School Health Services plays an active role collaborating with staff, families, and special educators in developing care team plans for students with disabilities and/or health conditions that interfere with learning.

Judy Kupferle, RN, MSN, leads the school nurses as the School Health Services Consultant and can be contacted at 314-­268-1231 or at

Learning Connection

The Learning Connection provides one­-on­-one tutoring for students in need of homework support, academic remediation, phonemic awareness, and a full range of speech and language services.

The Learning Connection services are provided after school hours and during the summer at a mutually agreeable location for families and the tutor.

For more information, please contact the LASE office at 314-268-1234

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