Did you know that October is Learning Disabilities and ADHD Awareness month?

Sometimes we just want to be understood, don’t we? That is what the children of LASE want – to be understood, cherished, and supported so they can reach their God-given potential.

October is Learning Disabilities MonthIn today’s world, learning and attentional challenges are more common than people realize. In the United States, 1 in 5 children will struggle with brain-based challenges that can affect progress in the areas of reading, writing, math, attention, and organization. Learning and attentional disabilities may not be as visible as other health-related issues; therefore, students can be misunderstood, deemed as lazy, or their behavior can be misinterpreted as a behavioral problem.

LASE wishes to highlight these challenges to not only bring awareness to those children who struggle, but to provide support, education, and resources that will enable educators and parents to work in partnership to help children experience success.

There is rarely a correlation between a learning/attentional disabilities and intelligence. Most students with a learning or attentional challenge have average to above average intelligence. With the right intervention, parental support, and appropriate educational strategies, students can succeed in the classroom – as well as outside the classroom.

According to the National Center of Learning Disabilities (NCLD), research shows that:

  • children with learning/attentional disabilities are at risk for having lower self-esteem and self-worth than that of their peers
  • 68% of students with learning disabilities graduate with a high school diploma
  • 55% of students with attentional or learning challenges have been involved with the criminal justice system
  • 2/3 of children diagnosed with a learning/attentional disability are boys.
How can you help?

The first step in helping children is to encourage people who are seeing or experiencing signs of a learning or attentional disability is to seek help from the medical community. This will help identify the issue and provide intervention strategies to help the child be successful.

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Help parents understand the warning signs of learning and attention issues by referring them to a LASE educational expert (in your school) or community resource or by calling 314.268.1234.

*Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE) strives to provide comprehensive and specialized educational services to address the cognitive, social, and spiritual development of children with learning differences so they may fully enjoy their God-given potential.


  • From the day my son was baptized into the Lutheran Church, I envisioned him attending a Lutheran school. When he was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, I thought that dream had ended. I later discovered LASE services were an option, and my dream came true. Thanks to their support, he has continued to grow in a loving and Christ-centered environment.

    LASE Parent
  • Special ed kids are as special as all other kids—they just need a little more support. When the expertise of the LASE staff is teamed with our teachers, a strong unit is formed that results in the development of that child’s potential. That is why we need the quality work of LASE staff to continue for our school’s overall success.

    Lutheran School Principal

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