LASE Career Opportunities

Special Educator Positions Available • St. Louis, MO • 2021-22


Special Education Teachers (PT & FT)

Location of Schools

Lutheran Schools in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

  • Degree and Missouri teaching certificate in one or more areas of Special Education
  • At least one-year experience teaching special education
Job Description
  • Develop intervention strategies and recommendations to meet the needs of students with learning and/or behavioral difficulties within the general education classroom.
  • Provide direct instruction in small groups or individually.
  • Develop, maintain and follow individualized service plans.
  • Collaborate with the general education teacher within the classroom to support/enhance student learning.
  • Provide support and information to parents of students with special learning needs.
  • Maintain records and track student progress for student experiencing difficulty in the general education classroom.
  • Serve as liaison between LASE Specialized Education and public schools during the referral process.

*Candidates should be individuals who love God, love children and have a passion for Christian education.

Interested inquiries should submit a cover letter and resume to:

LASE Specialized Education
Attn: Jackie Smith, M.A., Executive Director
3558 S. Jefferson
St. Louis, MO 63118 • No phone calls please

Mission Statement: LASE Specialized Education provides Christ-centered education to students with unique learning needs so they can grow academically, socially and spiritually.

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