LASE Learning Center

Helping High School Students

The LASE Learning Center (formerly known as the Jeremiah Program) provides support for high school students with various mild to moderate educational disabilities. It is designed to provide academic support, individualized instruction, and a modified curriculum when needed. The Learning Center combines inclusion in general education classrooms with small group instruction in a resource setting.

Students have several options to meet their individual academic needs. Some students participate in career education and a work experience program to train for a successful transition from school to work during their junior and senior years. Other students will continue to take academic courses with support through the Learning Center during their entire high school experience.

Students receive small group and individualized instruction in Communication Arts and Math in the LASE Learning Center. They are included with general education students for the rest of their courses, which can be modified according to student needs. Students typically receive a small group supervised resource study hall as well.

The LASE Learning Center is located at Lutheran High School of St. Charles County, 5100 Mexico Rd. in St. Peters, MO.

For more information, please contact the LASE Office at (314) 268-1234 or Micah Braddy at Lutheran High St. Charles, at (636) 928-­5100.

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