Learning Center Senior Named to Homecoming Court

As a senior at Lutheran High School St. Charles (LHSSC), Katie is an accomplished poet and member of the National Honor Society. This confident young lady does not allow her diagnosis of autism to hold her back. She is a former Key Club member, and was the 2014 Herald the Holidays ambassador and model. Just this year she was chosen by her fellow junior and senior classmates to be part of the Homecoming Court.

Katie has faced many challenges along her journey to be a successful student and when asked about her success at LHSSC Katie stated, “My teacher, Mrs. Klobnak, has helped me learn to advocate for myself, become more independent, become more social and has provided me with study guides that have helped me study and get good grades.”

Katie reflected on her time at LHSSC with Learning Center teacher, Mrs. Klobnak, and stated, “I have learned that in the beginning I was quiet and shy, and not so independent. Now that I am a senior I have learned that I can be brave, smart and can accomplish a lot of things.”

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