Thank You LASE, I’m Ready to Face the World!

Things just weren’t clicking for Meredith Rauscher in third grade at Salem Lutheran School, Affton. Reading, math, and writing – “Why is it so hard to get this stuff?” Her questions were answered at the end of 3rd grade when she found out she had a learning disability. Help came to her through LASE Resource Teacher, Mrs. Karen Wittmayer. Meredith recalls how Karen went above and beyond expectations to give her learning strategies she needed to blossom and the encouragement to persist throughout grade school. That memory planted a seed: “I want to impact others’ lives. I want to give back to others because of my teachers’ kindness to me.”

Meredith transitioned well to public high school and learned to be her own best advocate. The special relationship between Meredith and Mrs. Wittmayer continued as the two kept in touch throughout her high school years. Meredith was thrilled to be nominated for a $1000 scholarship for special education students to Webster University and ended up choosing Webster to complete her BS in Education.

Looking back on her grade school years, Meredith is grateful for the mentors like Mrs. Wittmayer who inspired her to succeed. Meredith is currently an admissions officer for Harris Stowe University where she is able to use her gifts of speaking on panels and doing workshops for high school students. She is also attending UMSL to pursue her Masters Degree in Higher Education.

Karen and Meredith recently reconnected at the LASE Purse Auction in September where Meredith got to get to know some of the LASE faculty and staff. She indicated that she would be “proud to be an ambassador for LASE. You have so many amazing people in your organization. . . and you help the children. Thank you for all you do.”

Congratulations, Meredith, for making a difference in the world. God has great plans for you.

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