LASE Alumna is on the Move

Keeping up with 2008 LASE Alumna Lindsey Hawkins is no easy task. This young woman keeps busy with work, sports, volunteer activities and speaking engagements for a very full schedule of activities.

Shortly after graduating from the LASE Learning Center at Lutheran High, St. Charles, Lindsey started work as a hostess at 026 Pub N Biergarten in Fenton and has worked there ever since. As a hostess three days per week, this friendly and outgoing woman has the opportunity to greet guests to the restaurant and make them feel welcome.

When Lindsey is not working, she can be found volunteering at the Down Syndrome Association one day per week or doing a speaking engagement for Special Olympics. Lindsey visits 10-15 schools each year, sharing with students how Special Olympics has positively impacted her life and encouraging others to get involved. As a two-time featured speaker at the Shop N Save Golf Tournament, Lindsey has shared with her audiences the joys of participating in Special Olympics.

Lindsey is actively involved in sports through Special Olympics. She competes in six different sports throughout the year including the year round sport of bowling. Last year she was one of 100 athletes on the USA Team for Special Olympics as they traveled to New Jersey for competition. Lindsey came home with three third place medals. Congratulations to Lindsey for being an active member in your community and for all of your successes!

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