New Logo New Beginnings


Exciting, inspirational, hopeful. These are words that describe the new Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE) logo. But who really is Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE)? LASE includes everyone with a heart for reaching, inspiring and strengthening the potential and purpose of every child of the King.

LASE is every loving parent who struggles to understand how to help her child flourish and grow; who has wept with “lost” potential. LASE is the Lutheran school administrator and classroom teacher, who dedicate their existence to reaching, teaching, and loving each child in their schools. LASE is a supportive team of special education experts, who are strong and durable, dedicated and competent, compassionate and tough, and driven by their share value for educating the promise and potential in the spirit and mind of every child of God. LASE is volunteers and donors, each with a story and a reason for engaging with this unique and compelling mission.

LASE is a cause, not just a program, that uplifts and treasures the diversity of learning in all children.

The new logo communicates the brand of the organization in a very simple and easily understood way. This logo symbolizes the community and relationships within LASE. Each figure is shown growing and exhibiting joyful movement as they reach upward, forming a cross, emphasizing our unique Christ-centered mission. The solid, uppercase typeface give a very foundational feel to the name of the organization, while also speaking to the expertise and strength within it.

LASE did not choose a new logo simply to create something novel or beautiful. The new LASE logo is a visual symbol of new beginnings and a revitalized impetus to change our community for Christ. A new logo speaks to the bigger impact that LASE wants to have on our students, teachers, principals, parents, donors, and volunteers. Together we are a part of the community of LASE, here to encourage and inspire the God given potential of every child into reality.

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