Zion Lutheran Teacher Honored by LASE for Teaching Excellence

Sue Riemenschneider, 6th Grade Teacher at Zion, St. Charles, is known for utilizing many interactive techniques and projects that encourage students to think “beyond the assignment.” Whether she is collaborating with the LASE special educator to help her students learn, or trying out a new strategy in her 6th grade classroom, Sue is always focused on what is best for her all of her students, including those with learning challenges. Sue is empathetic when working with students and recognizes the difficulties that struggling students have. However, she challenges them to use their God-given gifts to overcome their difficulties and shine in their areas of strength. She celebrates successes along the way and perseveres with them during difficult times.

Sue was awarded the LASE 2014 Jeremiah Award for Teaching Excellence on February 26, 2014 in a surprise ceremony after chapel.  She was nominated by Principal Marc Debrick because of her collaborative skills in working with parents and teachers for the good of children who learn differently.  Congratulations Mrs. Riemenschneider.

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