“And the 2014 Prom King for Lutheran High School St. Charles is Gene Wooden!” What a wonderful tribute to the student body at LHSSC that they accepted Gene’s special challenges and saw him only as a fellow classmate and leader. His mom, Kimberly, says, “Over the past 4 years, Gene has grown to become a very outgoing and productive young man. LASE Learning Center Teacher, Mrs. Sue Klobnak, along with her support team, provided Gene with an enormous amount of solution based strategies along with personal support. Gene received a solid Christian education that has helped him become the man he is. Without Mrs. Klobnak, we are not sure if Gene would have had such a positive high school experience. Thank you.” Gene has adjusted well to his new work experience in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program and is currently placed at Children’s Hospital. He misses LHSSC, but will always remember his time there, especially his memorable prom night.